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Our Story

Mother to six, Jane Dyson, is passionate about colour and style.

Having mastered the art of professional reinvention, Jane’s journey from the corporate world to launching huh!Bags began 3 years ago when Jane became a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. 

Jane’s passionate about helping her clients discover their best selves; finding their wow colours and clothing personalities. After a consultation with Jane, her clients used to skip out of her studio feeling more confident and self-assured.. On the hunt for an item in one of their newly discovered ‘wow’ colours!  

Which is where huh!Bags was born! Once clients had discovered their wow colours -  Ta-dah! They could buy a huh!Bag there and then in Jane’s studio. Available in a wide range of style and colours there is a bag to suit everyone! As the demand for the bags grew Jane knew she was onto something so the website was launched! Giving the joy of great quality, colourful, stylish bags to everyone! 

Adds pops of colour and fun to express your personality one stylish handbag at a time!